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Dentistry with Sedation

Who should have sedation?

It is no secret that most of us do not like going to the dentist. In fact, many people go years without even a check-up or professional cleaning. Some reasons for avoiding the dentist include:

  • Fear of needles, drills, or other dental instruments in the mouth.
  • Past traumatic dental experiences.
  • Sensitive teeth and/or difficulty getting numb.
  • Discomfort with the smells, noises and tastes that accompany dental work.

Fortunately, in this day and age these issues are no longer a reason to avoid the dentist. With sedation dentistry, patients are able to have a relatively comfortable, anxiety-free experience while having their dental work performed.

Nitrous Oxide – Happy Gas

Nitrous oxide (or happy gas) reduces anxiety and helps the patient feel relaxed. It also has a slight numbing effect. A mask is placed over the patient’s nose prior to the commencement of dental treatment, enabling the nitrous oxide gas to be inhaled. It starts to take effect within minutes, making the patient pleasantly relaxed. When used in conjunction with listening to music or watching the television on the ceiling the inhalation of nitrous oxide is particularly effective. Once the dental procedure is complete, the inhalation of the nitrous oxide is then ceased and the patient returns to their normal state rapidly. Children especially, may benefit greatly from this treatment.

Twilight Dentistry- Intravenous Conscious Sedation. (IV).

Riverdental specialises in Intravenous Sedation

With Intravenous Sedation a combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs are administered intravenously and used to create a dream-like state of deep, calm relaxation. Fully trained and accredited practitioners attend our practice and monitor your wellbeing during the administration of the sedatives. Almost all of our patients have little or no memory of their time in the treatment room and are very surprised as to how quickly the procedure seems to come to an end.

As well as relieving anxiety, Intravenous sedation offers other benefits:

  • Enables busy people to have multiple or complex procedures in one single session;
  • Can relieve the boredom of long and complex sessions;
  • Can allow invasive procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction to be carried out comfortably with negligible stress or anxiety;

Patients who have undergone Intravenous sedation must have someone escort them when leaving our office to return home. The sedative effects of the medication can last up to 24 hours so patients will need to relax for the rest of the day after their dental procedure and must be sure not to drive or operate machinery.

General Anaesthetics - GA.

General anaesthesia refers to not only the elimination of feeling, but also the loss of consciousness. General anaesthesia involves an anaesthetist administering medications to put patients “fully asleep” in a pain free and safely monitored hospital environment. It can be indicated in certain situations where work performed in the chair is not practically possible, for example, impacted wisdom teeth extractions. In these events, we can arrange for the treatment to be performed under a General Anaesthetic in one of the local private hospitals as a day procedure. Drs. Topalov and Maher are accredited at Gympie Private, Noosa Private and Selangor Private at Nambour. Our staff are very proficient in the organisation of general anaesthetics.

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