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If you dream of attaining more harmonious straighter teeth, then orthodontic treatment may be the solution for you.

Many patients desire a more balanced smile if teeth are crooked, uneven or crowded. Orthodontics can straighten crooked or overcrowded teeth resulting in a more symmetrical, harmonious smile. Straight teeth may also result in removing any hard-to-reach places, making brushing and flossing easier and reducing the risk of decay or gum damage.

Removable plates, braces and “Invisalign” all have their place in straightening teeth.

How long do braces or Invisalign take? At what age is orthodontics treatment necessary? For all your questions relating to Orthodontics – click on the FAQ link to Ocean Orthodontics

What is an Orthodontist?

There are only four Orthodontists on the Sunshine Coast who are Certified Members of the
Australasian Orthodontic Board*.
Dr Pat is one of them.

Dr Pat is a Registered Orthodontist Specialist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Dr Pat also hold full memberships of the Australian Society of Orthodontics (ASO) and are Certified Members of the Australiasian Orthodontic Board (AOB).

To be a Full Member of ASO they must be a registered Orthodontist, a permanent resident of Australia, have successfully completed an ASO approved or accredited orthodontic course and produce a certificate of good standing from the Dental Board of Australia.

It is no easy feat to become an Orthodontist.
  • Firstly, you must be a Registered Clinical Dentist which is five years full time study to complete an AHPRA registered general dental degree.
  • Then they must have at least two years clinical experience as a dentist.
  • Then complete another two-three year’s full-time university degree in orthodontics to gain a Master’s Degree or Clinical Doctorate. The Australian Dental Council approves which courses are registrable.
These days, that means ten years of study and dental practice as a minimum before becoming an Orthodontist!

So if that’s not enough Dr Pat did an FRACDS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (Australia)) between his dental degree and his Masters!

A key advantage of studying approved and registered orthodontic courses is having competent clinical demonstrators critiquing and helping along the way. It doesn’t rely on self-assessment, online training or short courses.

The title of Orthodontist is a restricted term and only registered orthodontic specialists are permitted to call themselves an Orthodontist. To practice as an Orthodontist, they must be registered as a Specialist in Orthodontics.

At Ocean Orthodontics, we are proud of our standard of orthodontics and as Orthodontists with many years’ experience, Dr Pat will make you smile!

To check the registers of practitioners go the AHPRA website.

*Certified Members of the Australasian Orthodontic Board, February 2015.