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Dermal Fillers

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Fillers are medicines directly injected into the lower layer of the skin. They are most commonly used to smooth away deep lines and wrinkles where Botox or Dysport cannot be used safely or are ineffective. These medicines are made from Hyaluronic acid, a natural component of your skin.

Over time we gradually lose facial volume, our skin becomes thinner and the effects of gravity become apparent. Dermal fillers are most often used to enhance thin or deficient lips, under the eye or temple hollows as well as provide fullers and more defined cheeks where they may be flat or lifeless. By injecting filler into the skin the natural ingredients lost due to age are replaced. Hyaluronic acid in particular is well suited for this job as it binds water and creates a volumizing effect.
As with medicine or medical procedures safety comes first! Since injections of fillers are a non-surgical in office treatment, by nature it is safer than most other surgical volumizing procedures.
Yes you will see an immediate effect after the filler is injected. Hyaluronic acid fillers are not only comprised of natural substances, they also absorb water over time thus providing hydration to your skin. The treatment is instant and can last up to 6 months to 3 years depending on the site injected and the type of filler used.
For dermal filler procedures a topical anaesthetic, local anaesthetic or nerve block injection may be utilized to ensure minimal discomfort. Wrinkles can make you look older than you really are, which in turn may effect your confidence. While you can’t stop the natural aging of the skin, there are solutions that can help reduce its effects. Among the many solutions our surgery offers anti wrinkle injections (botox or dysport). These are a small amount of a purified medicine that is injected into the muscles to relax them and thereby reduce wrinkles. Anti wrinkle injections are ideal for a person wanting to minimize or soften deep lines resulting in making their face look fresher and younger-looking. Our anti-wrinkle injections are less invasive that many other cosmetic procedures, making them a more convenient and a more conservative option to smooth out those hard lines. Areas often improved are frown lines, forehead lines and smile lines around the eyes (crows feet).
Anti-wrinkle injections have been used around the world for over forty years, and remains one of the most popular and effective ways of treating facial wrinkles. As with the other temporary cosmetic treatments the patient is able to decide on the frequency of any additional treatment. If the patient discontinues treatment, their muscles and skin soon return to the pre-treatment state.
Anti-wrinkle injections typically last approximately 3-4 months, though this is variable, depending on the area treated, the patient’s skin, the patient’s muscle strength, the amount of sun, the dose used and the age of the patient. Smoking and constant vigorous exercise eg; training for a triathlon may greatly reduce the time the injections last. Some patients do report having a longer effect for example five months after Botox / Dysport is injected.
The effects of the treatment usually becomes apparent after about three days, with the full effect being achieved after about two weeks. After this time our team will conduct a follow up assessment to determine whether any “top up” treatment is required. Top ups are often required with stronger than average muscles as well as deeper, more severe lines.

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