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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

Do you have dull, yellow or discoloured teeth? Teeth whitening can dramatically whiten and brighten the appearance of your smile and greatly enhance your overall appearance.

Teeth naturally darken as we age! Furthermore certain foods, beverages, medications and habits can contribute to a darker, yellowed or stained smile.

Teeth whitening procedures are used to brighten the appearance of a patient’s smile and depending on the type of product, up to 2 to 3 lighter shades are achievable. Professional teeth whitening services can be performed in a surgery (zoom) or prescribed for take-home use by a patient (custom made or disposable trays). In comparison to over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments, professional whitening uses stronger whitening agents that deliver faster and more effective longer term results under the guidance of our dentists or hygienist.

Some patients, such as those who are pregnant or sensitive to whitening agents, may not be candidates for professional whitening.

This will largely depend on which option is best for your individual requirements. Your results will vary according to the natural shade of your teeth and degree of discolouration, but it is normal for patients to experience a lightening at least two shades.

It is normal to experience some tooth and gum sensitivity during a professional whitening treatment. This sensitivity is temporary and does not result in any permanent damage. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity whilst whitening we are able to recommend a product to help.

The most commonly used correction methods include veneers and bonding. These options present durable, cost effective alternatives to more expensive crowns and involve bonding a porcelain or resin material to a damaged tooth. The restoration is then sculpted and polished to the desired shape. These methods can be used to fill in cracks, even out chips, or build up worn down teeth. They can also be used to close gaps or disguise discoloured teeth that do not respond well to whitening procedures.

Direct bonding is a relatively straight forward though precise procedure that can usually be accomplished in a single visit. Indirect veneers are custom made and thus stronger and longer lasting, but the process requires more time and more than one appointment. Caring for either bonded teeth or veneers will still require good oral hygiene at home and regular examinations by your dentist.

River Dental are committed to providing the best possible dental care for you and your entire family.

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